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6 DigitalChalk Features and Their Best Practices

by | Jan 6, 2022 | DigitalChalk

In case you haven’t heard this already, DigitalChalk offers a wide range of features and benefits. And the best part is that it’s a list that’s constantly growing and evolving.

As part of our recent DigitalChalk User Conference, Chief Technology Officer Troy Tolle sat down with Vice President of Continuing Education Solutions Brett Trainor and Support Specialist Varinia Garay to present an overview of some of the important DigitalChalk features and their best practices. If you’re not already using these, now is a great time to start.

1. Events and Spaces

One of the biggest things that has changed from the start of COVID-19 is the switch to online learning. But just as quickly as everyone adjusted, we’re now seeing a shift toward a blended model of live and online learning. DigitalChalk was created specifically for this purpose, allowing users to schedule events in specific locations to record live training. This includes the ability to book rooms and plan meetings on a regular basis (examples: lunch and learns). All learners have to do is register directly through DigitalChalk, and then the admin will act as the facilitator.

2. Advanced Reporting

A key piece of information we learned from listening to our clients is that LMS administrators require effective reporting. DigitalChalk has always had a robust and comprehensive reporting system, but it is still evolving. We offer more advanced reporting than ever before! You also don’t have to export large files. All you need is DigitalChalk, which also aids in data sorting. 

3. Tests and Surveys

Continuing education organizations and corporate learners all over the world require a comprehensive system that includes impactful examinations and surveys. Since the inception of DigitalChalk, we’ve answered that bell by delivering over 113 million testing questions. We are reorganizing the testing features to ensure they are more efficient and to expand on what’s already in place. This includes fill-in-the-blank essays, scales, and ratings,  as well as better reporting and analytics to help administrators figure out which questions in each test are causing the greatest confusion.  We’re also introducing the ability to personally grade your tests, as well as additional improvements to the overall experience. Client reaction to the newer functions has been overwhelmingly positive.

4. Discussions

 Over the last four or five years, social learning, in which users may provide feedback and ask questions within a course, has grown.  Discussions are one of the most dynamic aspects we offer in DigitalChalk to stimulate social learning.  Artificial intelligence can help determine the intention and tone of each user who starts a debate, and a moderator can be assigned to pick up on more insightful posts for pertinent themes.  Then, using DigitalChalk, admins may generate reports for all discussions, resulting in better outcomes.

5. Content Fortress

 We’ve developed a software product called Content Fortress that allows businesses to take content they’ve made and distribute it to everyone in the world, regardless of which LMS platform they choose – all while maintaining complete control over the content they’ve created. There’s no need to be concerned about losing control of where that file goes, whether or not the information is valuable to clients, or how it’s disseminated and launched.

6. Video

 There’s no denying that video has been the beating heart of education for more than a decade. We haven’t come across many clients who don’t use video as part of their delivery strategy. To keep the learner engaged, DigitalChalk embraces video learning from all angles. This involves adjusting captions to account for multiple languages and providing checkpoints throughout your course content. We will update that interface every time we do something new so that it is the most recent and greatest version. It’s all about making our users and administrators’ lives easier.

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