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What Reports Does Your Continuing Education Business Need to Satisfy Accreditation Requirements?

by | Apr 12, 2022 | DigitalChalk

Imagine that you’ve been relying on an older learning management system for your continuing education courses. Things are great, except you constantly have to create reports from scratch to satisfy accreditation requirements. You wish this whole process could be automated and for good reason. If nothing else, it’d save you a ton of time.

Sadly, your existing LMS doesn’t function that way. This is where DigitalChalk can help.

Though requirements vary by industry and state, every CE business has to provide its governing bodies with specific data to satisfy accreditation and certification requirements. Not only is DigitalChalk the best LMS on the market, but it does what other software can’t by automating customized reports that meet your unique needs. And as those unique needs evolve over time, it’s important that the LMS they’re using continues to meet those expectations.

Below are examples of three report types DigitalChalk creates for you:

Student Completion Report

These reports show every students’ completion data for a particular course. They are important since every CE business must prove that their students completed the required courses within the required parameters.

Detailed Student Report

If you need to go beyond the standard completion report, a detailed student report provides additional details about each student to your governing body. This is perhaps the most important report you could ever have on hand, as it includes everything from course registration date to completed date and whether or not they passed or failed.

eCommerce Report

With this handy report, you can see your students’ transaction data and gain a better understanding of your company’s performance. This can be a difficult report to create from scratch. DigitalChalk simply does it for you.

DigitalChalk offers all three of these reports and more, giving your business unrivaled access to all areas of your continuing education data. If you’d like to learn more, schedule a consultation now!

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