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As Featured on Mad Mimi: 5 Simple Email Marketing Tips

We have partnered up with Mad Mimi to share a few simple email marketing tips with you. 

DigitalChalk: As Featured on Mad Mimi: 5 Simple Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers without spending a lot of money. However, people don’t give their email addresses to just anyone. Having an email list is a big responsibility. Are you starting a company newsletter? We’ve narrowed it down to 5 simple email marketing tips to help you get started.

  1. Make it easy to subscribe. Have a sign-up form on your homepage, blog, Facebook page, and anywhere else that may be convenient for your fans.
  2. Tell subscribers what to expect. Give your fans as much information as possible on your signup form and they may be more inclined to sign up.
  3. Brand your email. It is important for your emails to match your company image; customize your colors, header, and logo.
  4. Make it scannable. Break your email into small sections, use headings, and images – it won’t be as overwhelming to your readers.
  5. Keep a calendar. If your subscribers sign up expecting a monthly email, it is important to deliver. Create a publishing calendar and plan, write, and send your newsletters regularly.

At DigitalChalk, our monthly emails with Mad Mimi are one of our favorite ways to market to our readers. It’s a great way to reach your customers, collect stats, and watch your subscribers grow!

To learn more about email marketing, see our full guest post over at Mad Mimi here.

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