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Using Offering and Shopping Cart Discounts

Having the option to offer discounts to potential students can be an extra enticement to purchase your course. The DigitalChalk learning management platform has made coupon discounts available with the “Offering and Shopping Cart Discount” feature, easily available to all Pro, Business, and Enterprise accounts.

Creating a shopping cart, or an offering cart, is very similar to the way a login rule is set up – with a few slight differences. What is the difference between a shopping cart discount and an offering discount? Well, a shopping cart discount is going to affect the entire price of the cart, whereas an offering discount will only affect the price of the specified course offering(s) in the shopping cart.

How to Create Shopping Cart and Offering Discounts

  1. You will find the shopping cart discounts under the Administration tab.
  2. Select “Add” to begin creating the discount.
  3. In the window menu that opens, there are optional settings to choose from. You can choose the dates you want the discount to be available, limit usage by students, and prioritize in relation to other discounts. Click the ‘Next’ button when you are satisfied with the settings.
  4. The next step in creating the discount is to select what conditions are needed in order to receive it. There are four main condition groups that you can choose from: Coupon, User,  Offering, Cart. Any of these can be used in correlation with one another to create a unique discount for students.

• Coupon: This condition allows you to create a coupon code that must be entered at the time of checkout in order to receive the discount.

• User: This creates a list of requirements that the student must meet in order to receive the discount. The options you can select from are all users, user has field, user has email domain, user has tag, user has role, transcript has course, transcript has offering.

• Offering: If the student has a specific course offering(s) in the shopping cart the discount will automatically be applied.

• Shopping cart condition: This requires that the student has a specific number of items in their cart in order to receive the discount.

 5. The last step in this process is to set up the appropriate consequence that happens when the student meets the conditions of the discount. A consequence is where you will determine the dollar amount, or percent amount, that will be discounted from the overall shopping cart price.

*Important: If the discount offered is less than the delivery fee for the course you will need to ensure that you have funds in your account balance to cover the delivery fee.

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