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Why We’re Doubling Down on the Continuing Education Market

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Podcast

If you’ve been keeping up with recent developments at Sciolytix, either because you’ve utilized our technology or you’re in the market for a more robust training and testing program, you know our roots are in continuing education. It’s who we are. We were built for this very purpose, and that mindset shines through in platforms like DigitalChalk and Content Fortress — both powerful continuing education solutions that go beyond the standard learning management system.

Needless to say, our products and solutions fit best with companies for whom continuing education is their lifeblood. So we thought to ourselves, “Why aren’t we catering to them even more?” Ironically, while there are 700 or so LMS platforms out there for companies to choose from, there simply isn’t a gigantic market for continuing education.

We are designed to be an LMS for CE businesses. And we intend to corner that market — starting now.

Introducing Our Continuing Education Solutions Business Unit

Brett Trainor, VP of Continuing Ed Solutions here at Sciolytix, joined us on a recent Disruptors & Innovators Podcast episode to introduce a significant shift in market focus we are implementing. Our eCommerce business is now the Continuing Education Solutions business unit. Someone running a CE business has very different needs than, say, someone running a training function for a corporation.

We want to cater to that market — which, honestly, has very unique needs, yet has been tremendously underserved according to the reams of research we’ve done over the years. Just a few of those needs include:

  • Robust testing features
  • Advanced reporting for certification and accreditation
  • Video checkpoints
  • An engaging user experience
  • A rich, vibrant learning experience
  • Remote proctoring
  • Multiple test question options (not just multiple choice)
  • IP protection
  • eCommerce functionality
  • Support

What we’ve tried to do is really understand what’s needed and make sure that the functionality is available and on-point in our platform. Not only that, but we want to make sure it is world-class!

We’ve been in this space for so long that we understand the nuances. We know what people need; we have a finger on the pulse of their business, and we listen and adapt when our clients suggest new and innovative options to improve the overall experience. Not just some of the time or part of the time, but all of the time.

What Do These Changes Mean for Our Clients?

For our clients, things are only getting better. We’re going to build a community for our continuing education clients, and we’re going to be publishing a great deal of thought leadership content. This includes a survey in late Quarter 3 or early Quarter 4 that will act as a benchmark study where we’ll interview CE providers, get deeper into the needs of that market, and continue to add functionality to support all their continuing education needs.

For our corporate LMS customers, we will leverage our LMS to deliver richer, more meaningful learning experiences. If you’d like to learn more about how DigitalChalk for Continuing Ed can power your CE business, request a demo today!

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