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The Difference Between Private & Standard User Fields

You may be wondering what the difference is between user fields and private user fields. It’s very simple. User fields will be visible to users when they are creating their account, or if a new user field is added they will be prompted to fill it out the next time they log in. Private user fields will only be visible to administrators to fill out per user.

As an administrator you can go in and edit information for both the user fields and private user fields whenever you need to. The student will only be able to go in and edit the standard user fields on their end and not the private user fields.

How do I access the fields to edit them for users?

The administrator can access the user fields under the ‘More info’ tab.

DigitalChalk: The Difference Between Private and Standard User Fields

To edit the private user fields click on the ‘Private info’ tab.DigitalChalk: The Difference Between Private and Standard User Fields

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