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HTML5 for eLearning

What does HTML5 mean for the eLearning community?

Before HTML5 came along it was necessary to download plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, to watch videos. With this DigitalChalk: HTML5 For eLearningupdate to HTML you can now write videos into the code and worry less about potential viruses or worry about needing the correct plug-in. Another added bonus of this? Mobile devices will be able to play content that they weren’t able to before- Most videos currently need the Adobe Flash plug-in to be able to play, and mobile devices don’t support it.

HTML5 has created a standard for audio and video file formats which are MP4, WebM, and Ogg. Also, applications will be able to more easily expand to different sizes and not lose quality during the change.

There are a few authoring tools you can use to publish, or create, HTML5 content for your online courses. Some choices for you to choose from are:

  • Articulate– Allows you to publish your content in multiple different formats (including HTML5 and Adobe Flash) with just one click.
  • iSpring– Easily convert your Powerpoint presentations into interactive presentations for your students.

HTML5 is overall very user-friendly and decreases development time while creating high-quality material for your students.

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