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Overview: My Organization

The My Organization section of your account is the hub where you will make any administration related changes. It ranges from changing your plan, editing your billing info to adjusting your features setup.

How do I access the My Organization section?

You will be able to access this section by going to the Administration tab and selecting My Organization from the left side menu.DigitalChalk: Overview - My Organization

What can I edit?

Billing and Technical Contact Information

Here is where you will want to update your technical contact and billing contact. The technical contact is the email address that users will see whenever they receive a notification from within DigitalChalk and the billing contact will only be seen on our end for billing purposes.DigitalChalk: Overview - My Organization

Virtual host

Your virtual host is used to create the private URL for your organization, so if you put in ‘test’ for your virtual host the URL will be ‘’. Any time that you need to change the virtual host you can, as long as no one else has claimed it already.

You can also edit/change your organization whenever you need to. Simply make the edit, or change, that you need to and hit the ‘Save’ button.DigitalChalk: Overview - My Organization


If you are looking to change your plan you can select Plans from the sub-menu and choose the appropriate plan for your organization. Have questions about the plans?  Contact your product specialist to learn which option will be best for you.

There are a number of things you can do in this section, including allowing the catalog tab to be visible, default video quality, and what students can view on their dashboard.DigitalChalk: Overview - My Organization

After you have finished editing any of these sections hit the Save button and all of your changes will be applied. Keep in mind that you can go back and change anything at any time, so if you change something and you don’t like it it’s not a permanent change.

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