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Using Discussions: Course Popularity and Social Learning

We recently announced Discussions, the newest addition to our platform that gathers AI sentiment analysis data and encourages social learning. We’d like to show you how using Discussions can help you understand course popularity and performance, and promote learner participation.

Watch this quick tutorial video to learn how you can use Discussions in your own courses!

It’s that easy. Simply begin using Discussions to bring more value to your online courses by fostering a collaborative learning experience and by measuring the popularity and performance of your intellectual property.

Creating a Discussion

The Discussion editing screen on the DigitalChalk platform

Creating your Discussions is as simple as going to the “Manage” tab and clicking “Create Discussion.” All you have to do after that is fill out the information on the edit screen, and you’ll be ready to go!

Moderating a Discussion

Dashboard for moderating, approving, and rejecting Discussion posts

Need to keep your Discussions moderated? Assign a moderator you trust, and they can approve the best, most insightful posts or reject or delete the posts that aren’t relevant to the topic.

Running Reports

Dashboard for running Discussions, Posts, Flagged Posts, and Moderators reports.

If you want to know how popular a Discussion is or how engaged your learners are, just run a report! Use this advanced reporting system to make better strategic business decisions or to keep track of learner interactions.

Have questions about Discussions? Feel free to contact us at or at any time.

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Karle Stinehour
Karle Stinehour
After receiving two degrees in English, Karle decided to take his skills to the world of digital marketing and eCommerce. Karle loves to leverage tools and technologies to implement creative marketing strategies, generate leads, and design marketing content that will drive online traffic. When he's not working for DigitalChalk, Karle enjoys reading novels from any time or national origin, delving into new video games, and cooking new recipes with his wife.