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Technology That Changes The Way We Learn!

by | Feb 26, 2015 | Tips & Tricks

Technology That Changes The Way We Learn by Julie Ducharme | DigitalChalk

I am sure all of you at some point have had to do some type of training whether face to face or online. If we were face to face I would ask you all to raise your hands if you had to take some long, drawn out boring training. I am confident we would have several hands raised on that question. I am in that group as well. Being a college instructor I have had to sit in on countless training and yes they have been long, boring, and some just really bad or poorly put together. Sometimes I was fighting to stay awake and yep I have pushed the play button and walked away because it was just plain boring. So how can we take the current technology we have and change the way we learn? Creating something that is interesting but yet innovative and hits all our learning styles is possible. I started playing with this idea over a year ago and in the last year I have spent time researching, testing, and publishing on how to create a more innovative online learning environment. I have also spent countless hours this year helping clients create innovative online training courses that blows away their competitors. Let me tell you about our newest innovative media we have incorporated in.

We have taken the online platform of DigitalChalk an innovative online platform that focuses on incorporating in media such as PPT, video, audio, etc. You might say, I have observed this all before in online training but what we’ve done is take it up the next level; we combined the video/PPT/ and audio together to hit all the styles of learning audio, visual, tactile. But we decided we needed more, so we started creating animated characters to introduce the classes and some doing the entire lesson talking to the students. It’s new and innovative and it puts a new spin on your learning. We live in an entertainment-driven society that likes to see cartoons, animation, video, and more. So integrating in an animated character that walks onto the screen to talk to the students and then guides them through the process fits that mold to perfection. This is something new that catches your attention and you might just listen and actually learn from. Technology has changed our world and more importantly the way we learn, but we have to learn how to harness it to create innovation and sustainability. This is what we are doing at JD Consulting.

See below an example of our many animated characters that could be in your next training or online course.

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Written by: Dr. Julie Ducharme
For the last 15 years Dr. Ducharme has been working with corporations, colleges and universities in San Diego and outside of San Diego as well teaching, directing and consulting on curriculum, running colleges, and instructing as well. Dr. Ducharme holds a BA in communication, MBA with a specialization in marketing, and a DBA with a specialization in Leadership. Dr. Ducharme is a public speaker and has spoken with and at many universities across the U.S. and corporations on leadership, business, and marketing. She currently is the owner/creator/CEO of JD Consulting LLC, the owner/creator/CEO of Julie’s Party People, and the creator/president of Synergy Learning Institute.

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