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Feature Walk-through: Discussions

Getting Started with Discounts

Getting Started with Transcripts

Feature Enhancement: Reports

Getting Started with Promotions

Managing Your Instructor Profile

Creating a Landing Page

Getting Started with Content Fortress (formerly known as Control Tower)

Create Certificates

Within just a few clicks you can have a custom certificate for any online course. After you use our default certificate background, or upload your own, you can drag and drop fields onto the certificate.

Create and Add Slides

There are several options when uploading or creating slides: Create a new slide using the slide editor or from an external site, upload an image or zip file, or convert a PowerPoint presentation.

Upload Media

Upload audio and video with a click of a button. Using the Content Timeline editor, you can quickly synchronize all types of content to create an interactive presentation.

Set the Chalkboard Layout

There are 4 unique chalkboard layout options to display your presentation: Inherited (default), Large Video, Small Video, and Audio.

Create a Chalkboard Element

Build a chalkboard element in less than a minute with our step-by-step tutorial. The chalkboard feature allows you to upload HD video, synchronize PowerPoint slides, add audio, and more.

Create a Course

Quickly learn how to build a course inside the DigitalChalk platform. Within your course, you have the full flexibility to customize all of the element features.

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