Course Elements

What are Course Elements?

Course Elements provide unique ways of offering content to students taking your course(s). There are 6 types of Elements:

Chalkboard Elements are the interactive part of your course(s) where you present media (video or audio), PowerPoint slides, images, and most types of web content including Flash and YouTube videos. Track each of your student’s progress as a percentage of completion and present “checkpoints” throughout the course to ask your student questions about the material. DigitalChalk is HTML5 compliant so your students can view the courses on tablets, iPads, and other mobile devices.

Test Elements are used to create your tests with an unlimited number of multiple choice, multiple select, and/or true/false questions. There are a multitude of different test option features including timed tests and questions, question pooling, feedback on both correct and incorrect answers, and require your student to pass a test before they can move forward in your course.

File Elements are a document repository in which you upload content that your students access as a part of your course(s). You can upload any type of content. Common uses of File Elements are PDF’s, Word Documents, etc.

Assignment Elements are available as two different types: the Online Assignment and the Offline Assignment.

  • The Online Assignment is similar to an essay. You ask your student a question or give them a topic to write about, and they type their written response into a free form text field. You can set the assignment to either manual grade or auto grade.
  • The Offline Assignment gives you the ability to assign any level of instructional detail that requires your student to perform a task, or series of tasks, outside of the DigitalChalk system.

Web Archive Elements are for offering web-based content. Common uses of Web Archive Elements are forms, surveys, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos, Flash content, and HTML content.

SCORM Elements are where you import SCORM content into your course(s). Track and grade your student’s progress through each part from the beginning to end of your SCORM course. DigitalChalk is SCORM 1.2 compliant.