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Add Google Tag Containers to your DigitalChalk account

Measure your marketing! Know for sure who’s coming to your site, where they click, how they buy and so much more by adding Google Tag Containers to your DigitalChalk account. To add Google Tag Containers:

  1. Log into your organization as an Organization Administrator.
  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. Click My Organization from the System Management list. The Edit Organization Details window is displayed.
  4. Click Google Tag Manager from the list. The Google Tag Containers window is displayed.
  5. Click Add Tag Container.
  6. Enter a Name and Container ID for the container that you are creating. If you don’t know the Container ID, click Where do I find my Container ID? and follow the instructions.
  7. Toggle the switch in the upper right corner of the window to Enabled.
  8. Click Save.

If you are new to the world of Google Tag Manager, the following links will be helpful:

Click here for more information on what Google Tag Manager does.

Click here to go to the Google Tag Manager website to set up your free account.

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