Some of our customers have reported that they are unable to send email to DigitalChalk Support ( because the email is being rejected as spam and returned to them. If this is happening to you, it is possible that your email server IP address has been flagged by one or more blacklists for sending suspected spam content. Your email server IP address can be flagged as blacklisted for one of the following reasons:

  • A compromised email account
  • An Open Relay
  • Your organization is sending mass emails from that email address.  Mass emailing is the most likely cause of blacklisting.


Follow these steps to determine if your email server IP address is blacklisted:

  1. Go to:  MX Toolbox, specializing in email and web security, can show you if your email server IP address is blacklisted, identify the reason(s), and offer solutions to being removed from a blacklist.
  2. Locate your email server IP address. In most cases you can find this in the header of an email that was rejected and returned to you. Your email server IP address normally looks something similar to the following: “Received: from your.domain (your.domain. [IP address]”.
  3. Once you have located your email server IP address,  enter it in the search field to check for possible blacklist flags.
    • If you’re unsure about how to locate your email server IP address, you can enter your email domain (for example,, and press the MX Lookup button to see a list of possible IP addresses.
  4. Use MX Toolbox to determine if and where your email server IP address is blacklisted.
  5. If your email server IP address is blacklisted, you can create a free account on MX Toolbox to see the reason(s) and suggestions for troubleshooting.

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