DigitalChalk makes it easy to create multiple users within your organization by uploading a spreadsheet (CSV file). To do this:

  • Log into your organization as an Organization Administrator
  • Click the Administration tab
  • Click the Import Users link
  • Click the Upload button to upload a CSV file that you have created
    • If you have been a DigitalChalk administrator for a while you’ll notice that this feature has replaced the previously available Mass Upload Users feature. The most significant change is that you can now create your own CSV file which contains custom headed columns that can be mapped to any user field you have previously created within your organization.
    • The CSV file that you create must contain a header row and contain the following data columns at minimum:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email Address
      • Password
    • Any user field that you are desiring to populate during your import must already exist within your organization. If the user field does not exist you must first return to the User Field Layout or Private User Field Layout function to create the user field before performing your import.
  • All of the data columns within your CSV file will be displayed as individual lists that must be mapped to the corresponding user fields within your organization. Your CSV column header will be displayed at the top of each list, click the drop down menu below the column header to select the appropriate user field to which this data column should be mapped.
    • For example, the First Name column header would be mapped to the First Name basic user field.
  • Click the Import Now button to launch the user import
    • You’ll notice an icon in motion to indicate that the import process is underway
    • An import can take several seconds to several minutes or longer depending upon the number of users that you are creating through the Import Users process
  • Click the Refresh button to see if your import has completed. Once the import is complete you will see a status message to indicate success and/or error. You can click the status link to see the details of the completed import.
  • Once the import has completed you can return to your user list to see and review all of the newly created users

Important Note: You cannot assign administrative roles via the Import Users function. If any of the users that you import need administrative roles, you will need to return to the user list to locate the user and assign any administrative roles accordingly.

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