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Create a Course

Quickly learn how to build a course inside the DigitalChalk platform. Within your course, you have the full flexibility to customize all of the element features.

Create a Chalkboard Element

Build a chalkboard element in less than a minute with our step-by-step tutorial. The chalkboard feature allows you to upload HD video, synchronize PowerPoint slides, add audio, and more.

Set the Chalkboard Layout

There are 4 unique chalkboard layout options to display your presentation: Inherited (default), Large Video, Small Video, and Audio.

Upload Media

Upload audio and video with a click of a button. Using the Content Timeline editor, you can quickly synchronize all types of content to create an interactive presentation.

Create and Add Slides

There are several options when uploading or creating slides: Create a new slide using the slide editor or from an external site, upload an image or zip file, or convert a PowerPoint presentation.

Create Certificates

Within just a few clicks you can have a custom certificate for any online course. After you use our default certificate background, or upload your own, you can drag and drop fields onto the certificate.

Create an Assignment Element

Further test your user’s knowledge and progress through the use of an essay-style question. Add a question description, keywords, and even receive notifications.

Create a Test Element

Assess the progress and knowledge of your user with just a few simple steps. Choose from various question types, add feedback, passing requirements, and notifications.

Create Test Questions

Choose from customizable question types such as true/false, multiple choice and multiple select. Quickly add additional question descriptions, and shuffle questions and responses.

Create a Web Archive Element

Easily upload a zip file from your computer or add an external URL to import content directly into the platform. Use this element for PowerPoint presentations, website content, or YouTube videos.

Create a SCORM Element

Easily upload SCORM 1.2 compliant content within the platform. The most common form of content uploaded, is a PowerPoint presentation that has been converted to SCORM.

Create a File Element

With just a few clicks upload any document type (.PDF, .doc, .xls, .pages, .ppt, etc.) into your course. When the student proceeds to take your course, they can download that file for their own use.

Upload a PowerPoint

Quickly learn how to upload and convert a PowerPoint within the DigitalChalk platform. The PowerPoint-to-SCORM converter is a one-click process.

Create Customized Reports

Create fully customizable reports in just a few seconds. Complete with a scheduling ability, you can easily filter columns, export in CSV or HTML format, and email results to anyone.

Create Email Notifications

With over 30 new types of notifications to choose from, plus a custom option, you can communicate more frequently and successfully than ever.

We love teaching you how to use DigitalChalk!

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