Control Tower: Training out into the World

If you want to to share, track, and administer all of your SCORM or AICC course content from one central, secure location, you’ll need the right tool to to do it. DigitalChalk Control Tower is our new content licensing solution that puts all of the power into your hands. With Control Tower, managing content has never been easier.

Whether you provide online corporate training or you’re an instructional designer who creates and sells online courses, Control Tower makes sharing and tracking content simple. Perhaps you need to deliver SCORM and AICC across multiple learning platforms. Control Tower let’s you do just that, and with no hassle. Likewise, if you need to identify top-selling content for strategic business planning, custom reports and data analytics provide invaluable insight into course performance. The newest addition to our online learning solution has it all and more.

DigitalChalk would like to invite you to our free on-demand training webinar where you will learn how to deliver SCORM and AICC content to any learning platform and manage it from Control Tower.

  • Title: Control Tower: Training out into the World
  • Duration: 6 minutes

J Johnston
Customer Advocate and On-Boarding Specialist

J has served in Customer Solutions at DigitalChalk for over 4 years and has helped to refine and deliver the superior on-boarding experience that DigitalChalk customers have come to anticipate. His expertise centers around exploring and uncovering business goals, special needs, and systems architecture requirements necessary to meet the rigorous demands of an ever-changing technology landscape.

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