Mar 23, 2015 — For DigitalChalk Users, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials

Back to Basics: Arrange Elements in Custom List

Creating elements is an easy step, but sometimes it might be necessary for you to rearrange how they are ordered. All it requires is a click and some dragging and your elements will be arranged in a custom order. We want you to have the most customizable platform as possible and we believe that this is one of the many great features that give you that control.

All you need to do to click on the 3 horizontal bars to the left of the element title and drag to the spot in the course you would like it to be and you are all set.  Here’s a video we’ve created for you so that you have a visual guide to go by.

You can edit this at any time that you need to, and guess what? You can also custom arrange how the courses are viewed in the user’s catalog – check out this blog post to see how to do that.


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