Sep 26, 2013 — eLearning Tools
DigitalChalk: eLearning

Build an Interactive Online Course with Raptivity

Sometimes it can be difficult to build an effective interactive online course for your students. Do you use PowerPoint again and again? Or maybe this time you are looking for something a little different?

DigitalChalk: Build an Interactive Online Course with Raptivity

Raptivity is a great tool to help you build rapid interactivity for effective learning. The tool features 180+ eLearning templates, including interactive comparison charts, diagrams, questionnaires, multiple selections, and more! Each template has unique interactions based on the various learning phases to help you quickly build an eye-catching course. All the Raptivity templates are fully customizable including the colors, backgrounds, fonts, and layouts.

It’s simple, just choose your template and start adding your content!

Once you have created your interactive presentation, you can easily save it and integrate it within various other authoring tools, such as PowerPoint, Articulate, and iSpring. It’s really that easy!

Stay tuned for a few simple Raptivity tutorials coming in the next few weeks!


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