Aug 1, 2013 — eLearning Tools

Design Your Course with Adobe Kuler

One of the most important aspects of your course design is the color palette. Adding a great color palette to your courses can make your presentations stand out, while being professional. Remember, your students may need to spend hours within a single course; your colors should grasp their attention, without being too loud or distracting.

DigitalChalk: Design Your Course with Adobe Kuler

The cloud-based application, Adobe Kuler, is a great tool for creating color palettes for any occasion. The site requires flash, but gives you the ability to create, search, share, save, and rate the thousands of themes. Plus, you can easily save these colors straight into Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

You can access Adobe Kuler through your browser using their web app, or with their free iPhone application. Either way you will have full functionality of creating or sharing your themes. With the iPhone app, you can even use your photographs to create themes on the spot.

Stay tuned for an easy how-to on creating your own color palettes for your online courses!


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