May 30, 2012 — Announcements

DigitalChalk Reaches 100,000 Users

DigitalChalk has reached a milestone by adding its 100,000th user to its Online Training Software Platform and Learning Management System (LMS).

May 30, 2012 – Asheville, NC

DigitalChalk, the leading Online Training Software Platform, recently celebrated the addition of its 100,000th user. Substantial growth has continued at DigitalChalk where new account sign-ups have increased by 37.5% and revenues are up 86% over the previous year.

Persons from all over the globe use DigitalChalk’s Online Training Software to take courses from organizations that offer their training online. The types of courses taken range from continuing education for professionals that need to renew their licenses to the internal training that businesses need to train their staff.

[pullquote position=”center” cite=”Russ Stinehour, CEO”]”It’s amazing to see such a rapid adoption of e-learning as a cost-effective, flexible way for organizations to offer training. We’re pleased that so many companies are choosing DigitalChalk as their online training platform of choice.”[/pullquote]

About DigitalChalk
DigitalChalk is the leading Online Training Software and Learning Management System (LMS) for companies to create and deliver their training courses online. DigitalChalk enhances users’ e-learning experience through its innovative design which has been developed to offer the most versatile and feature-rich e-learning platform available. They offer pay-as-you go pricing, no contracts, and a cloud-based, hosted solution that is always on, always up. To learn more please visit