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DigitalChalk: Why LMS

As Featured on Capterra: How to Successfully Launch Your LMS

*We have partnered up with Capterra to share how to successfully launch an LMS within your company. You can view the full guest post on their blog here.

DigitalChalk: As Featured on Capterra: How to Successfully Launch Your LMS

You’ve spent months researching all the different learning management system options, the pros and cons, the best features, and the costs associated with each competitor. Now, once you have finally made a decision on which LMS is best for your company, what is the next step? How do you successfully launch your new LMS within your company? We’ve created a brief overview with a few key steps to do so.

  1. Create internal LMS team.
  2. Learn the system.
  3. Integrate your LMS.
  4. Prepare your content.
  5. Test, Test, Test.

Once you have successfully followed each of these steps, you are ready for your LMS to go live and start your online training! Remember, it is likely overwhelming at first, but take full advantage of every LMS training opportunity and learn the system – this is key to your long-term success!

*Check out how we partnered with Capterra to share these great tips and see our full guest post here.


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