Jun 10, 2013 — Tutorials

How to Create Reports

Did you know that DigitalChalk offers you the option to create reports so you can see how your course is impacting your business?  We make it simple for you to quickly see the reports on financial (account, e-commerce, and account balance) and student information (student information, course completion, and student registration).

When you have selected which type of report you would like to run, you will then be asked to enter in a “begin date” and an “end date.” This helps to easily pull up the information you need from that specific time period. The reports option allows you to see all of the important numbers in one convenient location, and you can easily download these reports as a CSV or PDF to your desktop, or simply open the report in a web page.

Running any of these reports can help you, as the online educator, to see what impact your course is having on your students, or you can even use these reports to help you market your course better.


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