Jul 22, 2013 — Tips and Tricks

Mistakes Commonly Made When Creating Online Courses

There are a few mistakes that are commonly made when an online course is being created. We want your course to be a success, and with these tips, we know that it will be.

  • DigitalChalk: Mistakes Commonly Made with Creating Online CoursesClassroom teaching cannot be translated into an e-learning course – Keep in mind that teaching courses online is not the same thing as teaching in a classroom. The structure of the course will differ by implementing different teaching methods, and keeping your content concise and to the point.
  • Lack of  structure and no interaction loses your students’ attention – Creating a course that is structured with easy to understand examples and quizzes through out the course, helps to keep your students on the right track as well as keep their attention. It is also important to have your students interact during the course, in place of a classroom.
  • Minimal use of quizzes and tests – Adding quizzes and tests in your course helps put the knowledge the student learned into action. If there is nothing in the course to evaluate, you may lose the attention of your audience.
  • Ignoring past mistakes – It is important to learn from past mistakes to continue to improve your future content. The best option is to ask students to evaluate the course. This helps you to go back and pin point what works for that course and what doesn’t.


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