Jan 13, 2014 — Tips and Tricks

Motivating Adults in Online Courses

It is important to keep students motivated when they are taking a course via a learning management system (LMS). And sometimes, keeping an adult student motivated can be different than keeping younger student motivated.

DigitalChalk: Motivating Adults in Online Courses

The set up of the course should allow the student to navigate the content easily, and without complications. Give them the ability to choose what information they need to review. This creates situations where the student will use a decision making process that gives them the opportunity to show their level of understanding of the course. If the course is set up as a click-and-go course they will simply do that, click and go. Freedom to easily move throughout the course allows the student to be motivated and continue learning.

Depending on how well the information is understood by the student, you always want to make sure to give feedback that helps improve their understanding of the content. Refrain from giving feedback that is just a simple incorrect or correct. Without the feedback, the students’ motivation can often times lessen and make them less involved with the course. So, if a student is correct or incorrect let them know why they got the answer wrong, or even if they were right (just in case they weren’t sure and made a guess at the right answer, we’ve all done it right?).


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