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Quick Tip: Setting the Chalkboard Layout

When creating a chalkboard you have multiple layout options to pick from that give you ultimate control of your users viewing experience.


The inherited option will set the chalkboard to the layout that you put in place when setting up your organization. You can change this at any time.DigitalChalk: Quick Tip - Setting the Chalkboard Layout

Small video

This option puts the video in the left-hand corner above the notes/chapters box and a larger slides window to the right. This is a great option if you have a video of someone talking, or just an audio clip to play along with the slides.DigitalChalk: Quick Tip - Setting the Chalkboard Layout

Large video

The large video layout includes the notes/chapters window next to a large video window and that’s it.  This is ideal for users who want students to keep notes and view the chapters while watching the video.DigitalChalk: Quick Tip - Setting the Chalkboard Layout

Audio only

There will be no video window with this layout, but you will have a bigger slides window as well as a notes/chapters window. The audio file you have uploaded will play while the slides go through the timeline.DigitalChalk: Quick Tip - Setting the Chalkboard Layout

Video only

This will show exactly what the layout name implies, just the video and nothing else. This is great when you have examples of content that you need the student to see in action.DigitalChalk: Quick Tip - Setting the Chalkboard Layout


Not sure how to go about setting the layout for your chalkboard? Check out this blog post and it will guide you through the steps to do that:

How to set the chalkboard layout

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