Mar 20, 2014 — Tips and Tricks

How to Teach Distracted Students

DigitalChalk: How to Teach Distracted Students

Many times it may feel as if your students are impatient and consistently distracted during your online course. Some people just have a hard time focusing, and others may be forced to take a course that they have no interest in. Either way, it is your job as an instructor, to create effective eLearning content that will grasp the learners’ attention and allow them to successfully complete it.
How do you create a course with attention-grabbing content for your distracted students? These 3 simple eLearning tips will help you do just that.

  1. Chunk it! Break your content up into smaller, bite-size sections. This concept is based on the fact that memory has a limited capacity at any one time. Breaking content into smaller chunks makes the information easier to understand and remember for the student. Follow these 3 steps to successfully chunk your course.
  2. The F Pattern. Research shows that when people look at content online, their eyes start in the upper left corner and move outwards from there – this is known as The F Pattern. Create your online content with this theory in mind. Readers usually scan the material rather quickly; the more you follow this formatting pattern, the more material that is likely to be read.
  3. Utilize visuals. Never be scared of using “too many” visuals throughout your course. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, but use images and graphics that add value to your course. Your students will appreciate a break from all the text and reading. If you are having trouble with your visuals, check out these 10 do’s and don’ts.

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