Jul 8, 2013 — Tips and Tricks

What is Your Learning Strategy?

As an online course educator, how would you define your learning strategy for your students? It is helpful to have a strategy laid out so you can pick what features you need in an LMS. A few important questions to consider are:

  • What features will you need? Video, audio, PPT, student-teacher interaction?
  • Who is your target audience for each course you want to produce?
  • DigitalChalk: What is Your Learning StrategyWhat kind of curriculum do you need for each of your target audiences?
  • How will you deliver your course for your target audience?
  • What course requirements or standards do you need to follow?

Answering these questions can help determine what LMS is perfect for your needs and can help make your online courses a success. By answering these questions before talking to LMS providers, you can quickly find a provider that will fit your specific needs.


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