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Our NPS score of 70 ( industry average is -34) means our customers love using our LMS. You can count on DigitalChalk to deliver a tailored training experience that maximizes investment and outcome. Choose DigitalChalk and you’ll love your LMS too!

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Improve employee skills, retain top talent, and mitigate compliance risk with an LMS training solution personalized for your employees.

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DigitalChalk LMS Learning-as-a-Solution training will elevate your employee development to be the catalyst that takes your workforce AND your entire business to the next level.

DOT Designated Employer Representative
This course will give program managers and DERs clear instructions for the role in the testing process, including how to handle challenging drug testing-related issues.
Alrich Wren on May 4, 2019
Galactic Empire
45MB / Version 7

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What Is DigitalChalk Learning-as-a-Solution (LaaS) Training?

Simply the best and only online employee solution you’ll ever need! Our LaaS training has it all.

State-of-the-Art eLearning Platform

Build and deliver your own customized employee training program.

On-Demand Learning Library

Build or bolster your employee training with the best content library available.

Automate Your Processes

Use custom notifications, schedule reports, learning paths and much more.

Partnership that Lasts

We’re here for you! From getting started and beyond, our team of business training experts will work right along with you to ensure your training success.

Deliver Training Powered by the Best eLearning Platform.

Customizable Training and Development

Build a world-class training program, available on any device, with our robust eLearning platform. Add training courses that meet specific training requirements for your employees.

Personalized Look and Feel

Create recognizable corporate branding to customize your online business training. Keep learners in the know with custom notifications and bulletins.

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Measure and Motivate.

Tailor the Training Experience

Streamlined course management makes it easy for administrators to create personalized learning and development plans to guide learner progress.

Reward and Motivate Employees

Reward success and encourage employees to complete training and come back for more with custom badges, points, leaderboards, and certificates.

Easily Measure Results of Training and Development

Incorporate secure online tests, assignments, and more. Use our reports, or export your training data to create your own training reports.

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DigitalChalk Is Your Partner for Life

Just because you buy or launch, doesn’t mean we’re leaving.

Scales with Your Business

With unlimited storage and bandwidth and a rich array of features and integrations, DigitalChalk can accommodate the unique needs of your business.

Choose Courses from Our Training Library

Choose curated online business training from the online business training library to build or bolster your employee training program.

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Manage and Schedule Online Training

Assign resources and schedule events quickly and easily, eliminate scheduling conflicts with a public calendar, and automatically schedule students into courses.

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Integrations at Your Fingertips

DigitalChalk integrates with Salesforce, LinkedIn Learning, Webex, GoToMeeting, and more. Use our REST API and SSO options for additional integrations.

Secure On-the-Go Online Training

The DigitalChalk LMS provides reliable and secure cloud-based access to your learners. At the course level, you can offer public and private course catalog options.

Onboarding and Beyond—You’re Not Alone

From onboarding to launch and beyond, our world-class LMS support team is with you every step of the way. Speak to a real person, or take advantage of email or chat—all at no cost to you!

DigitalChalk is excited to be included in LinkedIn Learning Solution’s LMS Integration Partner Program!

Ask us how you can access LinkedIn’s entire catalogue of more than 12,000 best-in-class learning courses from DigitalChalk.

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