The Test Element

DigitalChalk Test Features

The Test Element

The Test element is a powerful exam and quiz making tool. With just a few simple steps, you can assess the progress and knowledge of your users. Choose from various question types, add feedback, passing requirements, and notifications. Enjoy special features such as question pooling, question randomization, required responses, automated self-grading, and more.

Various Question Types

Choose from tons of customizable question types such as true/false, multiple choice and multiple select. Quickly add additional question descriptions, shuffle questions and responses, and provide an unlimited amount of answers for multiple choice options. The possibilities are endless with the versatile exam and quiz making tool, known as the test element.

DigitalChalk Test Question
DigitalChalk Test Feedback

Create Answer Feedback

The optional feedback tool is flexible and fully customizable. Simply set a default correct or incorrect feedback response for your users to view after they answer a specific question. Your feedback can be customized with various font sizes, bulleted or numbered lists, and even tables. Your users will appreciate the feedback they receive from answering your test questions!