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eCommerce Accounts and Pricing: A Break-Down

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Announcements

Do you sell courses online? If so, then you’ll need an eCommerce account to transform your course content into engaging, interactive, and user-friendly online courses! With our eCommerce accounts, you can generate revenue by selling your courses online and accepting credit cards with a beautiful eCommerce storefront.

As an instructor, you need the right eCommerce solution. We have 3 options, complete with pay-as-you-go flexibility.

DigitalChalk: eCommerce Accounts and Pricing: A Break-Down

What is Pay-As-You-Go Pricing?
Our pay-as-you-go pricing model allows you to deliver a course as low as $4.95 per delivery. This is calculated based on the number of course elements (Chalkboards, Tests, Assignments, etc.) you use within your course. We have 4 different delivery packages to choose from, depending on the elements you need:

    • Express Delivery Package: $4.95/per registration. (Includes 1 of each element type per course.)
    • Small Delivery Package: $9.95/per registration. (Includes 4 of each element type per course.)
    • Standard Delivery Package: $15.95/per registration. (Includes 8 of each element type per course.)
  • Large Delivery Package: $19.95/per registration. (Includes 16 of each element type per course.)

3 Accounts to Choose From:

    1. Pro Account: If you are a small business just getting started with your online content, or if you only need one administrator – this is the solution for you. Get started quickly with a $399 start-up fee.
    1. Business Account: If you are a bit more experience with delivering online courses and need up to 5 administrators with the options for mass user imports, API integration, and course commenting – you are a perfect fit. Start right away with a $799 start-up fee.
  1. Enterprise Account: If you have a larger organization with up to 10 administrators and need single-sign on, a custom domain, and mass user registration – we can help. Begin creating your online courses quickly with a $1099 start-up fee.

Each of these eCommerce accounts includes a full-featured course editing suite, coupon and advanced discounting, logo and theme branding, a fully integrated shopping cart, detailed tracking and reporting, and more!

Interested? Learn more by speaking with a product specialist and scheduling a live demonstration.

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