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5 Key Takeaways from the REEA Conference

by | Jul 28, 2022 | DigitalChalk

At Sciolytix/DigitalChalk, we listening to clients’ needs and concerns is a top priority, and one of the best ways for us to do that is to get out from behind our computers and visit face-to-face with our clients in their own environment. To that end, we recently sponsored and attended the Real Estate Educators Association Conference to learn a bit more about some of the learning challenges they face.

It was honestly fascinating to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with these folks, who were hilariously funny, passionate about what they do, and very much on the cutting edge of professional learning. 

Here are my Top 5 takeaways:

  1. The training environment is changing rapidly — It used to be that all pre and post-licensure real estate education was done in-person at a specific facility. But these days, live training is starting to take a back seat to intuitive online options. So the question for the REEA educators now becomes, do we put all of our course content online? Do we put some of it? And if we do put some of it online, which pieces will work the best? My takeaway was that there are a broad array of approaches to this issue, and ultimately, learner feedback and demand is starting to shape this. 
  2. Increasing oversight from regulators — Real estate training has always been intensely regulated, and the move to online training was given broad leeway during the pandemic, but that is changing quite rapidly. Trainers are now being tasked to demonstrate that learners are engaged throughout sessions, which can be a challenge for many. 
  3. Accommodating demand surges — There is a surge right now of people wanting to get, or renew, their real estate license. While this is a great thing for the industry, managing these surges can be a challenge. Real estate educators have to build a learning program that is engaging and encourages learners throughout the process.  
  4. Bringing energy to drive learning engagement — One of the bigger conversations focused on ensuring that instructors drive the energy in the room and engage learners at every step. If you’re not bringing the energy and showing how passionate you are about the content and industry, similar energy will be absent among the learners.
  5. Educators struggle with learner support and learning technology — To have online training available to meet the demands of a rapidly growing industry is one thing. Ensuring your trainers have the technology skills necessary to administer the course content and help learners get the most out of it is something else. Educators know that they are lacking in this area and are hungry for help.

How can Sciolytix/DigitalChalk help? 

As learning moves to online and hybrid models, investing in the right learning management system is pivotal for meeting the rigorous demands of regulators and learners, as well as minimizing the burden on educators’ time. At Sciolytix, we’ve spent 14 years building DigitalChalk – and the support system around it – so that it can exceed these requirements. 

Here’s how we can deliver against the challenges listed above.

Dealing with the changing environment:  There is no perfect answer for how much learners will want migrated to online platforms, either as live Zoom learning or on-demand content.  We are seeing more learner pushback against having 100% of classes being in-person, but we are also seeing pushback against 100% online.  DigitalChalk offers multiple tools for hybrid learning environments that gives the educator full control.  From Zoom integration to on-demand attention checks to being fully mobile enabled, DigitalChalk gives the administrator the capabilities and support to roll out effective hybrid learning.   

Growing regulatory concerns: DigitalChalk was purpose-built for highly regulated environments, offering feature-rich tools that address timing, registrations, video attention checks, remote proctoring, user security and more. Our advanced functionality allows for state-by-state, course-by-course customization to meet the demands of regulators.

Coping with capacity surges: DigitalChalk’s automation and notification tools make managing learners and online course content easier.  Instead of putting together an email for the 10 people who are behind, our software manages learners for our clients.  And when the last day of eligibility comes up for a large group of learners, our AWS-hosted solution can easily handle it.

Driving Learner Engagement:  Our easy-to-use content creation tools incorporate over 12 different test question types, video questions, gamification and notifications to push people along. This creates a helpful and vibrant experience from start to finish.

Helping Educators Meet Their Goals…With Minimal Struggle:  DigitalChalk’s US-based, industry-leading customer success team provides support to Educators and Learners both, taking a huge load off of the plates of educators.

To learn more about DigitalChalk’s purpose-built Learning Management System and how it can help you and your learners meet their goals, click here.

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