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Introducing DigitalChalk’s Comment Feature

DigitalChalk has released an enhancement that allows for two-way communication between your self and your students within the course that they are taking. We’ve made it as simple as clicking, typing, and sending for both sides. This feature can be used for both comments or questions that the student may have for the specific course element.

How the student uses the DigitalChalk comment feature: 

The student will notice to the right of the course element that there is a comment icon, all they have to do is simply click the icon and type their comment or question and send. This does not hinder the student from continuing on in the course. Once the instructor has responded the comment icon will turn blue, letting them know there has been a response. They will also receive an email letting them know that there has been a response as well. If the instructor has responded they can always use this feature to continue the conversation.

How the instructor uses the DigitalChalk comment feature:

The instructor will be sent an email when a student has used the comment feature to either send them a question or a comment on any element within any of your courses  that you have set this up for. The email will show:

  • The students name
  • The question or comment
  • The specific course element they are commenting on
  • A ‘See Comment’ option to view within DigitalChalk

When you click on the ‘See Comment’ button it will take you to the comment within DigitalChalk and immediately respond to the student. Note: In order to view these comments you must be a course administrator or an offering facilitator.

Creating a clear path of communication between yourself and your students lets the student know that you are here to help every step of the way. The cool thing about DigitalChalk’s comment feature? The communication process is simplified for both the student and instructor, alerting both sides when there has been a comment and also the response. The DigitalChalk comment feature is available to Enterprise account holders.

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