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How can I make eLearning courses more appealing to the visually impaired?

by | Jan 17, 2024 | DigitalChalk, Tips & Tricks

Ensuring inclusivity in learning is a responsibility and an opportunity to reach a diverse audience. As educators and training content creators, how can we make eLearning courses accessible and genuinely appealing to learners with visual impairments? Here are five strategies:

  1. Use alternative text: Alternative text (alt text) is a text description of an image or graphic that is read aloud by screen readers to users with visual impairments. Providing alt text for all images and graphics in your eLearning course will make it more accessible to learners with visual impairments.
  2. Use headings and structure: Using headings and other structural elements, such as lists and tables, can help to make the content more organized and easier to navigate for learners using screen readers.
  3. Use large, easy-to-read fonts: Choose fonts that are large and easy to read, and avoid using small or decorative fonts that may be difficult for learners with visual impairments to read.
  4. Use high-contrast colors: Choose colors that have high contrast, such as black text on a white background, to make the content more legible for learners with visual impairments.
  5. Use audio and video: Providing audio and video versions of the content can make the eLearning course more accessible to learners with visual impairments.

By implementing these strategies, you can make your eLearning course more accessible and appealing to learners with visual impairments.

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