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DigitalChalk Control Tower Available Now!

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Announcements

We’re excited to announce DigitalChalk Control Tower, the newest addition to our online learning solution. Now you can share, track, and administer your SCORM and AICC content across learning platforms, all from one central, secure location. Securely and reliably licensing and managing content has never been easier.

Whether you create and sell online courses or provide online training for corporate employees, Control Tower provides a complete solution to protect your content, understand course usage, and control content updates. 

Protect Your Content

License and stream your content from a central library anywhere to multiple clients and LMSs. Control access with licenses and terms and grant and revoke access remotely at any time. 

Manage Your Content

Made updates to your content? No problem! Control Tower’s seamless version control ensures that your clients receive the latest content without interruption or hassle. 

Understand Your Course Usage

Detailed analytics and reporting make it easy to identify your top-sellers for strategic business planning. All the licensing and usage data to manage your business is right at your fingertips! 

How Does Control Tower Work?

Simply upload your SCORM or AICC content into Control Tower, then create licenses for how you want clients to access and use the content. That’s all you need to do to begin sharing your content across learning platforms, and tracking usage with Control Tower’s advanced data analytics and reporting. That’s quite a lot! Not only is Control Tower remarkably easy to use, but you don’t have to go through the hassle of going to multiple locations for different functions. You can access all of these functions right from Control Tower.

Control Tower for eCommerce

Control Tower is a great tool for content creators who sell online courses because it:

  • Provides a better understanding of course performance with advanced reporting and data analytics. You can identify your top-selling content, which will enhance your strategic business planning.
  • Protects and manages your recurring revenue with content licensing.
  • Launches your content across multiple learning platforms.

Control Tower for Corporate Training

Likewise, Control Tower can bolster your online training solution because it enables you to:

  • Deliver SCORM and AICC content to any learning platform right from Control Tower.
  • Gain new insights into how learners interact with their training content with custom reporting and data analytics.
  • Manage course content with seamless version control for easy updates.

Getting Started

No matter how you plan to incorporate Control Tower—either to administer your online training program or to manage your online business—it is the perfect content licensing solution for you. To learn about the best ways to use it to your advantage, register for our free on-demand webinar today!

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