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Online Training Software Company, DigitalChalk, Expands eLearning Platform with New Features

DigitalChalk, the leading online training software provider, announces new features for its e-learning platform. With this new version, DigitalChalk extends compatibility of its software for use on iPads and tablets. Another new feature, “User Fields”, allows Course Administrators to collect, group, and report unique information from their students.

June 7, 2012 – Asheville, NC

“The growth of web use from mobile devices is staggering”, says Troy Tolle, Co-Founder and CTO of DigitalChalk. “Currently, over 10% of the world’s web traffic is from mobile devices, triple the amount from just two years ago. As this trend continues, it is likely that half of all web traffic will be consumed from mobile devices in just a few short years. DigitalChalk embraces this trend and is pleased to announce that our software is now available for use on iPad and other tablet devices, enabling you to deliver your courses to your students who are literally on the go… anywhere in the world.”

DigitalChalk’s expanded compatibility with iPad and Tablet devices ensures that companies are able to deliver their online training without limiting the type of device on which students can use to engage the content.

“This is exciting because we have done this without compromising the quality. We have also maintained the ability to track students on the iPad and tablet, preserving the experience when moving from a desktop or laptop to these devices,” added Tolle.

In this new version, DigitalChalk has also added “User Fields”, a flexible, robust feature which gives companies the ability specify exactly what information they want to collect from their students, group them, and perform basic validation when the information is entered.

“Just like a person, every business is unique,” says Russ Stinehour, Co-Founder and CEO of DigitalChalk. “Each business has its own fingerprint, its own DNA, its own identity. We tend to categorize businesses into broad general categories, but the reality is that even companies within the same category have very distinct needs and ways of doing things. When it comes to managing information, these differences in needs become very apparent. Companies and organizations have to collect unique information, beyond just the general first and last names of someone who is going through training. DigitalChalk realizes theses needs for flexibility in the information collected, as well as the ability to use the language and nomenclature that makes sense for an organization.”

With these two new features, iPad/Tablet compatibility and “User Fields”, DigitalChalk continues to change the face of the e-learning experience through its innovative design.

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