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Selleration and DigitalChalk Merge to Become Sciolytix and Reveal New Executive Leadership Team

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Announcements

Under one banner, Selleration’s UPtick 3D avatar sales simulation platform and DigitalChalk’s award-winning LMS will address a broad range of talent management issues through innovative technology.

Sciolytix company logo

The merged companies Selleration and DigitalChalk announced the company’s name is now Sciolytix. This news comes one month after Michael Bealmear, a veteran Silicon Valley tech leader, was announced as the company’s new chief executive officer.

An overview of Sciolytix

“The name Sciolytix reflects our core strengths and the value we bring to our customers,” said Michael Bealmear. “‘Scio’ means ‘to know’ in Latin, ‘-lytix’ refers to analytics, and ‘X’ emphasizes the experiential nature of our offering, which applies predictive analytics to hiring, onboarding, and ongoing talent development to improve job performance.”

Sciolytix Executive Leadership Team

In addition to revealing the new brand and company name, Mr. Bealmear announced an executive leadership team that is well-positioned to lead the company and its unique offerings to a dominant position in the market.

  • Michael Bealmear, Chief Executive Officer
  • Nick Rini, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Russ Stinehour, Chief Operating Officer
  • Dario Priolo, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Troy Tolle, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jesse Llobet, PhD, Chief Scientist

“Individually, each of these executives has a long list of accomplishments,” said Bealmear. “As a team, they’re the definition of synergy and will not only execute on the vision but will make a significant contribution to crafting it.” Bealmear went on to say that the team has made a positive and indelible impression on some of the best-known brands in tech and sales enablement including SAP, OracIe, IBM, Intel, Miller Heiman International, Sales Performance International, and many more.

About the New Company

Sciolytix brings together two very distinct but complementary platforms in UPtick and DigitalChalk. UPtick, developed by Selleration, is a data-driven experiential learning system aimed at sales enablement. DigitalChalk is an award-winning, best-in-class learning management system (LMS) and online learning platform used in corporate learning and continuing education. The merged company now offers unparalleled learning and development solutions for Gen-I, today’s interactive and digitally agile workforce.

“Leaders are looking for deeper insights into a team member’s current and future job performance now more than ever before,” said Nick Rini, Chief Revenue Officer of Sciolytix. “The idea of combining experiential 3D avatar virtual business environments with analytics is a perfect fit and just what customers and analysts say is needed. This tech is still primarily in the hands of early adopters, but is on the verge of crossing the chasm.”

Sciolytix serves professionals from Corporate and Sales Training, Sales Enablement, Learning and Development, Sales Leadership, Continuing Education, and Universities – globally. The company’s portfolio of brands includes Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Association, Harley-Davidson, John Hancock, Nestlé Purina, SelectQuote, and many prominent universities.

Bealmear said the company plans to share more about how he and his executive leadership team will leverage and advance its offerings with a comprehensive vision and business strategy in the coming weeks.

About Sciolytix
Sciolytix [] is a talent development and workforce analytics software company that improves business performance by measuring and changing employee behavior. Our software gives leaders deep insight to manage talent strategically, unlock human potential, and predict the likelihood of organizational and individual success. We inspire engagement through immersive learning experiences that prepare people for real-world challenges they encounter every day. Sciolytix was founded in 2020 through the merger of DigitalChalk and Selleration.

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Sciolytix company logo

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