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What’s Next for DigitalChalk?

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Announcements

Our focus at Sciolytix has been all about listening to you, our DigitalChalk clients. At the end of 2020, we compiled everything we’d learned from the previous User Conference and went through all the requests you sent in. At that time, we decided for 2021 to target all items that could improve the user experience, keep users engaged, and lead to bigger and better features and product enhancements.

For all intents and purposes, mission accomplished. Now that the 2021 User Conference is complete, we intend to follow the same approach in 2022.

Here’s what’s coming next for DigitalChalk and your user experience.

Improved Content Library

As you know, all the content you’ve created lives in your current courses. While that makes complete sense, it can make things difficult when it comes to sharing content between courses. Moving forward, you will have the ability to build up an online library of all course materials, so they are stored in one place. This simplifies everything for our users, making it so they can manage and upload content separately.

The Video Element

Simply put, videos will look better, function better, and be resized to fit the users’ screens better. We are 100% convinced that video content is the best way to promote continuing education learning. As a result, we want to ensure our users are getting the most out of our DigitalChalk video interface.

User Interface

Of all the changes we’re making to DigitalChalk, perhaps the most exciting is the many UI enhancements. It’s still going to be all the same things you know and love about DigitalChalk, but we’re refreshing everything — every screen, button, menu, etc. — and paying attention to the smaller details that can send this platform into another stratosphere. Examples include giving our many courses and offerings a long-overdue facelift, improved video quality and features, and various user management screens. There won’t be any more jumping between modern looks and older looks. Everything will be easy to navigate so our users can access areas for creating, learning, leading, reporting, and more.

The bottom line is that 2021 was a big year for us. And we hope it was for you, too. We expect 2022 to be even bigger, with a friendlier and more functional DigitalChalk experience every step of the way. You’ll see a steady stream of new releases targeting everything from managing your organization and setting goals for learners to improved dashboards and reporting tools. We want DigitalChalk to be the most flexible, powerful, and pleasant learning management system.

Thank you for telling us what you love and want to see next.

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