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The Raptivity User Interface: Before and After

by | Jan 9, 2014 | DigitalChalk

Raptivity is a flexible, interactive course-building tool with 180+ customizable eLearning templates. Recently, they released the newest version of their software (Raptivity v7.6), featuring a whole new user interface. Considerably different than the previous version, take a look at these new improvements.

DigitalChalk: Raptivity User Interface: Before and After

1. When you immediately open the Raptivity software, you now see a dashboard with a top tool bar. This dashboard consists of the latest news, blogs, videos, as well as access to the Raptivity community. The tool bar has a few options: New, Open, Help and Support.

With this new home dashboard, you now have access to many more “help” features, ultimately providing you with more resources to build greater interactive presentations.

DigitalChalk: Raptivity User Interface: Before and After

2. To get started with a new interactive template, click “New” in your home screen tool bar, and then click “New Interaction”.

DigitalChalk: Raptivity User Interface: Before and After

3. A pop-up screen will appear with your template options, scroll through and select one. As you hover your mouse over a template, you can now see a brief description and a preview before selecting.

DigitalChalk: Raptivity User Interface: Before and After

4. After opening your desired template, your screen is now divided in half. The template is on the left, and all customization features are on the right. From this single screen, you have all the options you need to complete your eLearning template. On the right side, you can edit and preview. On the left side, you can further customize your template. When complete, just click “Save As” in the top tool bar. That’s it!

All in all, the new user interface of Raptivity has improved greatly. It is more user-friendly and easier to use. The dashboard and updated tool bar throughout the software really allows the user to access the tools and the help they need in order to quickly and efficiently create interactive templates. “Bravo, Raptivity!”

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