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10: Partner Your Online Course With Other Providers

This is the tenth of 10 Steps to Build and Sell Your Courses Online.

Use alternative labels and new brands

Sometimes it can be advantageous to use alternative labels or brands to expand your online course. For example, if you have a real estate continuing education course that works for continuing education credits in multiple states, you may want to market differently in each state.

Perhaps you have an online course that works for multiple disciplines – such as a health care course that is applicable for both nurses and surgical technicians. You could re-label or re-brand your course to be nursing specific or surgical technician specific, while keeping the same content.

Partner with resellers

In addition to selling your courses directly online, consider partnering with resellers. Just be careful about choosing which resellers you partner with. If you partner with multiple resellers, you run the risk of them decreasing the price of your product in order to compete with each other, bringing down the value of your product.

This is often why some resellers will have an exclusivity agreement with certain products.

When you’re ready to sell an online course, please see our pricing options to determine which plan is right for you.

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