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PowerPoint Converter with Animations and Sound

In DigitalChalk’s recent release, Washington 1.0, a PowerPoint converter was introduced that greatly simplifies uploading a PowerPoint to our online training software. This gives you three great options to choose from now – chalkboard, web archive, and a PowerPoint converter!

With this converter, you are able to keep any animations, sounds or media clips that you have added to your presentations.

How do you save your animations and sound?

It’s easy! Simply save your PowerPoint presentation as you normally would and upload the file using the PowerPoint converter element on the DigitalChalk online training software – all of your animations and sound will be played while the students click through the presentation.

*Helpful hint: Make sure that the file type is either a PPTX or PPT for PowerPoint 2003 or later.

Uploading your PowerPoint:

Uploading your presentation to the PowerPoint converter is easy.

  1. Go to the “Manage Courses” tab.
  2. Click on the course you want to add the presentation, and then select “Manage Course Elements”.
  3. From the left side menu select the “Import a PowerPoint” option.
  4. Next, choose the PowerPoint file and then select the “Upload” button.

It’s important to note that the DigitalChalk online training software converts the PowerPoint presentation into a SCORM object – so the presentation settings are pre-selected for the delivery of that PowerPoint file.

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