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Uploading Course Elements to Your Courses

If you’ve been following along with this blog series so far, you’ve learned how to create a course in DigitalChalk. With that knowledge, you’re now ready to start uploading course elements. You’ll learn what course elements are, how they work, and how to upload them to your course.

Understanding course elements

Put simply, course elements are just the individual components that make up a course. They could be an interactive course module, a video for learners to view, or quite a bit more. DigitalChalk supports a wide variety of course elements. You can upload a chalkboard, test, survey, file, assignment, web archive, AICC, SCORM package, PowerPoint, Instructor Led Session, or certificate. That’s quite a lot of options to choose from. 

Don’t let the sheer number of choices worry you. It might seem overwhelming at this point, but the process for uploading course elements is really quite straightforward. If you know the type of content you’re looking to upload, all you have to do is choose the appropriate file and then click “upload.”

However, since there are so many options, we will review some of the most common elements so that you can upload course content with ease. 

SCORM packages

One of the most prevalent content models in eLearning, SCORM comes packaged in a ZIP file for easy transportation and uploading. Because it’s so interoperable and reusable, SCORM makes up a large portion of the content floating around the industry. It’s more than likely that you’ve come across SCORM if you’re a content provider.


The chalkboard feature in DigitalChalk allows you to upload certain media elements to your course like video files, audio files, or PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. 

Tests and assignments

If your tests, quizzes, or assignments aren’t already built into your content packages, you can upload them as individual course elements.

Uploading course elements

Overall, adding course elements is a relatively simple process. It’ll be even easier after our step-by-step walkthrough. 

1. Select the course that you want to add a course element to and click “Manage Course Elements.”

2. On the new screen, select the type of course element you want from the sidebar. For this example, we’ll go with a SCORM package.

3. Once you’ve chosen the course element, click “Choose File” in the box that opens up.

4. Select the file you want and click “Upload.”

5. Once you’ve uploaded the file, select the course element and click “Activate” in the sidebar.

You’ve now successfully uploaded a course element! There’s not much else to it. If you follow each of those steps, you should have an easy time with this step of content delivery.

Our next topic in the course delivery blog series will be testing your course elements. An important process, testing ensures that your content is error-free. But that’s for next time.

In the meantime, keep uploading elements to your courses!

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Rene Foster
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