Provide Instructor-Led Training On-Demand

In this webinar we answer the question on how to provide Instructor Led Training with On-Demand access.

Watch this free webinar to explore all the possibilities that on-demand training brings. Chris Smith will demonstrate how providing Instructor-Led training on-demand creates accountability, structure, and endless opportunities to refine your content. Position your content with the accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility we know it will take for you to become successful. Move your business online to sell your knowledge and deliver your instructor-led training today! Simply, fill out the form and click “Watch Now” to learn how to get started!

  • Title: Provide Instructor Led Training on Demand • DigitalChalk
  • Duration: 10 Minutes

Chris Smith
Success Strategist

With over 20 years of experience, Chris has a very strong background in digital marketing and communications. Chris recently experienced his own journey in entrepreneurship opening a food truck and catering business as a change of pace. After three successful years, Chris decided to return to his roots in technical sales and marketing to show others, they too can do what they love AND make money.

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